What is StartRunning?
Feel fitter, move more outdoors and start running, together in a group with fellow beginners!

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to exercise safely and responsibly. Under the guidance of experienced and enthusiastic trainers you will train outdoors at the most beautiful locations. The StartRunning course lasts 8 weeks. After these 8 weeks there is a final run of 2.5 km. After this the program continues with the KeepRunning schedule. A workout consists of an extensive warm-up with flexibility and other exercises, the workout itself, and a nice cool down with stretching exercises. Every training session focuses on running posture and running technique. During the course you will also receive information on nutrition, physical training aspects and running shoes and clothing.

What does the StartRunning program entail?

  • StartRunning at JustGoo Running: 8 weeks, 16 workouts for €27.50
  • The trainings are manageable for everyone, we start at the lowest level
  • All training sessions are given by experienced, certified and enthusiastic trainers
  • Both in Maastricht, Sittard and Valkenburg you can start in the weekend and during the week
  • At the start of the training you will receive a training schedule

Registration StartRunning

From March 7, 2020 the new courses will start. You can register for these courses starting now.

More information and registration via: www.justgoo.nl