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To participate responsibly in Maastrichts Mooiste, good preparation, including for warm weather, is very important. It is also important to listen to your body during and after your run. Read all the advice below to help you enjoy Maastrichts Mooiste well-prepared.


Good preparation is essential to participate responsibly in Maastrichts Mooiste. This preparation often starts weeks, if not months, before the start. Take a look at what you all need to take into account during your preparation.


Clothing and weather

- Above 15 °C (and certainly 20 °C) you should dress in light ventilated clothing, otherwise the body cannot release heat and heat congestion threatens (note: no cotton, this retains moisture).

- In cold weather (5 °C and for slower runners 10 °C), an on-skin thermal shirt is the best choice. Wear a thin, ventilating layer (no nylon) on top of this. A beanie is recommended when the wind and temperature are low.

Note: The slower your pace is, the more clothing you need (except for temperatures around 20 °C). At a slower pace (walking), considerable cooling occurs. The wind chill depends mainly on wind and humidity. When the temperature is +10 °C with a moderate wind (approx. wind force 5), it feels like +4 °C. However, if it is 5°C with a moderate wind, it feels like -4°C. Often the temperature drops by around 5-6 °C in the afternoon, which means we see many slower runners chilled. Always tie your laces thoroughly with a double knot so that they do not come undone during the race.

Running schedule

Create a running schedule tailored to the distance you are participating in.


Run only on well-worn (note: never new!) shoes and socks and pay attention to the road surface during every training and race. Alternate left and right running on the road whenever possible.

Directly before and during the run

The day of the event has arrived and you come to the start well prepared. For successful participation, it is important to consider several factors just before and during the run. Read the advice opposite carefully, that way you won't leave anything to chance.



The amount you drink depends individually on the weather and perspiration. Drink extra until 45 minutes before the start, then stop drinking and make sure you visit the toilet. Take a bottle (approx. 300 ml) with you into the starting area and drink it empty 5 to 10 minutes before the start. This will prevent you from having to pee on the way.

Feeling thirsty is never a good indicator. If you are not used to drinking, drink 100 to 200 ml of water every 15 minutes. Carbohydrate-containing drinks 5-8% are also suitable.

Listen to your body

If you don't feel well, stop immediately. The first symptoms of dehydration are goosebumps on the chest and upper arms, chills, pressure in the head, dizziness, muscle cramps, vomiting and dry skin. These symptoms can quickly turn into disorientation and confusion.

If you have had problems with dehydration and/or excessive temperature before, you are more likely to experience it again (especially in hot weather). If so, don't walk any further; passing out is no disgrace!

Calf cramping

If you have calf cramps, walk slowly or walk and stretch lightly if necessary. Do not stop, but do drink extra. Beware of dehydration.

Start easy

Start slowly and control your pace. Every second per kilometre too fast in the beginning of the race can result in minutes lost per kilometre at the end.

Run at your own pace and avoid tempo runs and sprints in the final kilometres.

Stop when these symptoms occur

Stop in case of chest pain, abnormal shortness of breath and/or dizziness.


Apply Vaseline to nipples, thighs and other abrasions.

Carrying medical information

You should carry medical information about diseases (such as diabetes or medication). Indicate this on the back of your race number. Also write on it a phone number of a contact person who can be reached during the race. Include your name, address and phone number here as well.

Have a question? Find answers to your question in the FAQ's.

Registration opened!

You can now register for the 18th edition of Maastrichts Mooiste. Maastricht's biggest and liveliest running event returns this year on Sunday 11 June 2023!

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