Competition regulations

On this page, you will find the competition regulations (in Dutch).

A. Application
The competition regulations of the Athletics Union shall apply, except to the extent that they are deviated from in these general terms and conditions. The competition regulations of World Athletics shall apply, except to the extent that the competition regulations of the Athletics Union or these General Terms and Conditions deviate therefrom. Both competition regulations are available for inspection at the Organiser's premises and will be sent to the Participant upon request by the Organiser.

B. Categorization (gender/age)
The Organiser classifies the Participant in the 300 metres and 1 Mile based on gender and age on the day of the Event. The Organiser classifies the Participant in the 10 Mile, 10km and 5km on the basis of gender.

The Participant must check prior to the Event that the classification assigned to him by the Organiser is correct. The Organiser is not liable for the consequences of incorrect classification of the Participant.

C. Honorary prizes
Each Participant who reaches the finish line on time will receive a commemorative medal. In addition, within various distances, in which more than twenty-five people participate, there are honorary prizes. In the Mini Run 300 metres, there are no official prizes attached. In the Kids Run 1 Mile, there are honorary prizes for the first finishers in the boys and girls per age category. At the 5km, 10km there are no age categories, only division into male and female. There are honorary prizes per gender for places 1, 2 and 3 overall. At the 10 Mile, there are honorary prizes per category for the first three finishers male and first three finishers female.

Participants who cross the finish line after the deadline will not be included in the race results. A Participant is not entitled to a prize if he has violated the competition rules. An awarded prize must be returned to the Organiser if, after it has been awarded, it is found that the Participant has acted in breach of the race rules.

D. Determination of results
The Organiser will determine the results and is entitled to amend the results following any inaccuracies detected. A prize awarded must be returned to the Organiser by the Participants if, on the basis of the result after it has been changed, there is no longer any entitlement to that prize. The gross time is the official time.

E. Method of locomotion
All Participants must move along the course set out by the Organisation in a manner customary to road athletics and in accordance with the rules of the Athletics Union and World Athletics. 

F. Starting position
The actual allocation of a starting box to a Participant shall be made by the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right not to recognise times.

G. Start numbers
The Participant will receive from the Organiser at least one start number showing the start number allocated to him/her. The Participant must fix on his/her chest (if made available also his/her back) the start number using the safety pins distributed by the Organiser.

The start numbers must be attached and worn so that start number and other information displayed on them are clearly visible. They may not be cut or folded. The Participant is prohibited from wearing start numbers other than those provided to him/her by the Organiser. The Participant is urged to indicate any medical information on the inside of the start number (for one start number on the back of the chest start number and for two start numbers on the inside of the back start number).

The Organiser will take in the start numbers of Participants who have been disqualified or otherwise dropped out.

H. Time Registration
The Organiser shall determine the finish time and intermediate times (if applicable) of the Participants. This determination is binding. The time registration will be done by means of the MYLAPS BibTag. This is a time registration chip attached to the back of the start number. The Organiser can only register the Participant's times if it is worn correctly.

I. Deadline/last runner
Due to clearance of the course for traffic, the Participant must have crossed the finish line within a certain time limit after crossing the starting line, otherwise he/she will not be included in the results. Participants who cross the finish line after the deadline will not be included in the race results. The judgment of the 'last runner' referee appointed by the Organiser is binding in determining whether a Participant has crossed a certain point in time. For race athletes, the limits for inclusion in the race result in accordance with the race rules apply.

For the various distances, the time limits below apply:
10 Miles: 2 hours and 15 minutes
10 km: 1 hour and 30 minutes
5 km: 1 hour
Kids Run 1 Mile: 20 minutes
Mini Run 300 metres: 20 minutes

J. Disqualification/removal from the race
The Organiser is entitled to disqualify and/or remove a Participant from the race if the Participant fails to comply with these Race Rules or behaves in an unsporting or improper manner or if deemed necessary on medical grounds or in connection with the orderly conduct of the Event.

K. Instructions competition management
Participants must follow the instructions of the Organiser or, as the case may be, of persons who, given the clothing or other external features they wear, apparently belong to the organisation of the Organiser.

L. Other provisions
The Participant is prohibited from accepting care (drinks, food, sponge, etc.) from anyone at any place other than a care station set up by the Organiser;

The Road Traffic Act and the legislation based on it, such as the Traffic Rules and Signs Regulations, remain in force on the entire route during the Event;

Being accompanied, regardless of the purpose and by whomever, is not permitted on the route, unless written permission has been obtained from the Organiser.

Bringing objects such as (domestic) animals, prams, banners, etc. is not permitted;

It is not permitted during the Event to express explicit political, philosophical or religious views or to make statements that may be perceived as offensive, hurtful or insulting in any way whatsoever;

It is not possible to hand in items of clothing at the start. Participants are therefore advised to come to the start area in running clothes. The Organiser accepts no liability for lost items of clothing or other property of Participants. This also applies to items left behind in the changing facilities provided by the Organiser. The Participant should note that this accommodation is not guarded by the Organiser;

The Participant is expected not to damage the property of others and not to leave litter behind;

Cancellations and/or changes of entries must be notified to the Organiser in writing;

If a participant does not meet the financial obligation for participation in time, the organisation reserves the right to remove this participant from the participant file.